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The Department

Design & Construction

Who We Are and What We Do

Facilities Design and Construction provides many services to the Caltech community including the construction of new buildings and the renovation of existing space.  The role of Design and Construction is to provide the environment needed to facilitate the work of the world class faculty, researchers, students and staff who work and study at Caltech.

Design and Construction is involved from the initial concept through the programming/development, design, planning, scheduling and construction phases of labs, office space and entire building construction. We also provide the required interface between the campus and City of Pasadena.  The office maintains space information, campus maps, plans building & room signage, and provides planning assistance for campus groups and events.

Some of our work involves the renovation of existing buildings and includes customized laboratory, research and office space as well as the renovation of classrooms, lecture halls, libraries and areas for athletics, all of which are designed to the specifications of the end users. Some of our specific tasks include:

  • Establishing scope and budget estimates for projects and develop complete project schedules.

  • Establishing, managing and inspecting all project progress through meetings and field inspections, and ensures compliance with Institute and State & Federal standards.

  • Advising and interacting with appropriate customers on project development and work progress.

The Design & Construction Department is a group of highly skilled and professional individuals. Our Organizational Chart and our Professional Certifications can be found at the top of this page.