Childcare Center

Childcare Center

Construction start date: (planned) Spring 2013
Construction completion date: (planned) Summer 2014

Architect: Rios Clementi Hale Studios
General Contractor: Matt Construction
Project/Construction Management: Caltech
Total Sq. Footage: 13,000

Status of permits: Conditional Use Permit approved at Public Hearing 11/7/2012

LEED status: NC-Gold


Frequently Asked Questions About the Childcare Center Project

  1. What is the Caltech Childcare Center project?
  2. Has the City of Pasadena approved the project?
  3. Why is the Childcare Center moving from its current location?
  4. Why does Caltech need a Childcare Center at all?
  5. Will the Childcare Center be visible from Arden Road?
  6. Is there access from Arden Road to the Child Care Center?
  7. Won’t this increase traffic on California Blvd. and surrounding streets?
  8. Will there be a crush of traffic at the opening and closing hours?
  9. How many children will attend the new Childcare Center?
  10. What are the hours?
  11. How tall will the new Childcare Center buildings be?
  12. Will there be new overhead lighting on the site?
  13. Where will parents park?
  14. Is there enough room for emergency responders to get to the new Childcare Center?