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The Projects

Design and Construction at Caltech is organized to provide a full spectrum of project related services. From initial feasibility studies, programming, and rough-order estimates to cradle-to-grave project life cycle management. Our intent is to provide value-added services on an as needed basis. We have in-house architectural and engineering design capabilities, as well as the ability to procure those services from our partners in industry. Our major product is space appropriately outfitted to meet the mission needs of our Caltech community. Hence, we provide space to support world class research and education.

This section separates our products into two categories for ease of searching. They are: 1) Renewal Projects and 2) Capital Projects which are projects with budgets greater than $3 million. Renewal projects are those that take our existing space and transform it into areas appropriate to meet our core mission and the larger projects are developed to meet a new research or education need.