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Event Permit Procedure

Caltech campus Special Event Permit Request Guidelines
Overview:  The California Fire Code and Title 14.28.010 of the Pasadena Municipal Code applies to activities on the campus and is enforced by the Pasadena Fire Department.  Some events on campus will require an event permit.  It is the responsibility of event planners and coordinators to obtain a permit for their event.

Requirements:  Event Permits are required for events meeting criteria listed below:

  • Use of Propane
  • Place of Assembly (Event) with attendance over 49 people
  • Open Flame Cooking, Candles, Sterno Chafing Fuel Cans, and BBQ’s
  • Carnivals and Fairs
  • Tents over 400 sq. ft.
  • Canopies over 700 sq. ft.


  • The Special Event Questionnaire must be submitted to the Pasadena Fire Department a minimum of two weeks in advance of the event date. Special Event Questionnaire can be found at:
  • Permit Application Form
    Rules and info -
  • The Questionnaire is a request for a permit and must include the Plan Information Requirements described below.
  • The Facilities Department is available to assist in the preparation and submission of required documents. For assistance, please contact the following:
  • Dave Eggleston, Caltech Deputy Fire Marshal, will conduct pre-inspection of the Event set up for compliance with Fire and City ordinance requirements.
  • All approved permits issued by the City are emailed to Dave Eggleston, Caltech Deputy Fire Marshal and subsequently distributed to the event sponsor.
  • It is the Event Sponsor’s responsibility to submit the permit fee payment directly to the City. This can be accomplished by E-Pay or Mail.
  • Submit completed Questioners to:
    Fire Prevention Division Pasadena Fire Department
    175 N. Garfield Ave. Pasadena, CA 91109
    (626)744-4668 Office             (626)585-9466 FAX

Plan Information Requirements

Plans should include the following:

  1. Plans shall be dated and titled.
  2. Plans shall identify and/or be oriented to North.
  3. Plans shall contain a comprehensive legend of symbols used.
  4. Plans shall be to scale or have pertinent dimensions clearly identified.
  5. Plans for large outdoor events shall contain an approved number/letter grid.
  6. Plans shall be an approved size that facilitates the depiction of required details.
  7. Digital versions of plans shall be provided as PDF files.

 Plans shall clearly identify existing topographical features

  1. Street Names and Widths.
  2. Directional Traffic Information.
  3. Building Names.
  4. Building Access and Egress Openings.
  5. Notable Fixed Features/Elements e.g., fountains, stairs, fences, walls.
  6. Fire Hydrants and Fire Department Connections.
  7. Fire Protection Equipment.
  8. Surface Deviations e.g., grass, concrete, walkways, driveways.

Plans shall clearly identify the following event elements:

  1. Event Date and Times.
  2. Fire Lanes (with dimensions and identifying the presence of walls).
  3. Tents (with dimensions & wall locations). Booths (with dimensions & spacing) Bouncers, Jumpers & Games
  4. Seating Areas (tables and/or chairs) including aisle widths and spacing.
  5. Cooking Areas (type of appliance and fuel). Propane Use & Storage.
  6. Fire Extinguisher – locations and type.
  7. Vehicles, Generators and Distribution Equipment.
  8. Stages. Restrooms. Refuse Containers.
  9. Barricades, Fences, Barriers, Gates, Including Exits and Openings.